Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Frog Prince

She sat on the bank
Of a beautiful river
She had the peace
            And quiet and shiver
She saw a frog
            Jumping on the petals
Of the flowers scattered
            In water that settles
The frog jumped
            She was scared
Just one kiss
            “Only one”, he dared
She knew the story
            Of the one frog prince
She had always waited
            For “The One” ever since
She closed her eyes
            With a perfect pout
The frog did the same
            Before she’d a doubt
The kiss was weird
            She could feel
Opened her eyes
            Not a big deal
The frog was a frog
            She was shocked
What happened?
            Her heart got blocked
Well… he smiled
            It was really cool
We do celebrate
            The April fool

-       ©Adwait Paranjpe

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