Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Sometime no news is a good news"

When I was a kid, there used to be a very short segment for television news in India. It was about 15 minutes long and they used to cover almost all the important news mainly from the state and also from across the country. I used to get irritated since it used to interrupt my cartoon programs....or may be because of my parents used to stick to the television set for the 15 long minutes 'ignoring me.'

When I was a teenager, there used to be a half an hour segment allotted for certain set of news reporters, who supposedly used to deliver the news from literally North East West South corners of the country. I still used to get irritated because of their style of anchoring....or may be because of the fact that they used to include many unnecessary details of unimportant parts of the life in politics.

I left my teenage and grew a little more to become a smart youngster....and there used to be a channel for these news reporting people. Same set of journalists with same style of journalism showing the same content many times depending upon the importance of those for that particular time period. It certainly irritated me because then the news included advertisements.....or may be I did not have anything interesting to read in the newspaper during my breakfast.

I grew older to became a fine man...and  was disappointed to see that there were a lot of news channels competing with each other just to deliver the news faster to us...even before we wake up..even before we turn the newspaper pages....even before we go to work....even before we could log in...even before we come home....even before our bed time...and even after we were asleep. It was unbearable. I was tired to see the same faces...the same people...the same noise...the same attitude...the same content.
...or maybe because everyone knew everything before I did...!

I am just afraid...when I will be an old man....I might not be able to see, tweet, surf or update...I might not be able to scrap, write on wall, retweet, or change channels. I might not be able to walk, read, reply or type....
then I am really afraid that I might have to yell everyone to leave me alone....and I might have to tell them that “I know everything !”

- aDDY

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