Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Three Point Review

1. I have a habit of watching loads and loads of movies and giving away reviews to everyone. Since last few years what I had noticed that it is difficult to review a bad movie rather than a good one. Usually people know how a good movie goes best at. From its actors, from its directors, from its album, from its marketing, and the likes.
BUT....when there is a bad movie then the enthusiastic audience expects to hear, certainly a review, but in very few precised words and to the point description.

2. Therefore, I am starting a section which will review a movie in 3 points. The highlight of this section is that it will only consist movies with BAD reviews. So it will be like a BAD movie itself. You can easily let go the section, still when you expect certain movies to be good you might get an idea about why the movie is not meant for clever audience.

3. Please ask for questions about this section if you have or consider this as the last point to read and not to think of.


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