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Movie Review: Kambakkht Ishq

Movie: Kambakkht Ishq

Director: Dont care about it

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and so many side-kicks....

Cameo: Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Brandon Routh, Boman Irani.

Music: Better don't worry about it

There are two things about movies: 1. If there is actual material in a movie it does not need unnecessary publicity and 2. If a movie lacks substance (I mean story not the cast), then it requires a lot of wasted publicity. You, smart audience, must have understood from the above two points that this movie comes in the 2nd category. There were mixed reviews about the movie so far but it is easier to count the good ones. Movie fails overall. Few months back I happened to see ( my luck ) Chandani Chowk to China and believe me I would have been happy if the movie would have been made in chinese – Mandarin or Cantonese to be precise - ( at least I would knew why I cant understand it ). I realized one thing about Akshay Kumar, he is wasting his talent. And he proved with this one.

The movie starts with HOLLYWOOD. People in India might not know the place well. But when you see the way they have shown the overall Hollywood and thereby the American culture in this movie, I feel 'IGNORANCE IS BLISS'. The director, writer, producer don't even care about the story. I believe they must have discussed it while having a drink or something. It does not matter if you have who's who in the film. What matters is the care for the story. Ask yourself one thing, if there would have been no cameos by the above stated people, there would have been nothing at all to discuss about the movie and trust me the Cameo stars are totally wasted. All of them. Why any blond would overlook Brandon Routh and go to Akshay Kumar? And why on earth would Brandon accept that? Why Sylvester Stallon roams around in LA streets with a hood on his head? Why the hell a Bond Girl (Denise Richards) want to marry and have kids with Akshay? After watching this movie I found it not suitable for watching along with family members even in America. There are multiple screenplay writers for this movie. I believe they used the same language that they must be using to overpower each other while writing the dialogs of the movie.

Anu Malik, (I dare say) the songs composer, has done his job once again. He has not composed but he has given 'COMPOSTED' tunes. Please see the dictionary meaning of 'compost' you will have the exact idea. One would rather be happy being deaf than to hear to his tunes. He thinks he is creating magic but its like a kid performing an old well known magic trick or telling an old cliched joke and people around him are praising him. No need to listen to the lyrics since they are written as an ode to Anu's music and dances are with a lot of wastage on new locations and wardrobes.

Few flaws are MUAF. But few are beyond repair. Kareena forgets her watch in Akshay's stomach while a surgery which is supposed to sound Shaadi Mantras as an hourly reminder and he could listen to those but cannot figure out where they are coming from???? Initially just to make a “FUN PART” and to add a song, the mantras sound every hour but after a while the sound stops until Kareena gets the watch out of his stomach. Forget about USA but nowhere in the world doctors are allowed to have anything on their body while operating. In another created song situation, BEBO mixes a heavy dose of some drug in juice for Akshay to get unconscious so that she could drag him all the way from the hotel to her Operation Table in order to get the watch out of his stomach. But by mistake she drinks that juice and instead of getting unconscious she starts singing & acting like a drunkard??? Another thing, when she finds that there is a watch in Akshay's stomach x-ray she tells this secret only to her doctor friend, when she removes the watch from Akki's stomach there is nobody else except this friend of her in the Operation Theater???? Mind it, Kareena is supposed to play a novice surgeon and all the surgeries are performed under a senior doctor's observation in USA. But if the story demands, actresses are ready to wear bikinis and Actors are ready to expose their butts then why not demand for a senior to ignore serious stomach operations??? or demand not to be present for one????

Akshay, as I always have believed, has a huge potential. He has shown in movies like Hera Pheri, Dhadkan (2000), Ek Rishta: The Bond of Love(2001), Aankhen (2002), Khakee, Aitraaz (2004), Waqt (2005), namaste London (2007) and so many of them. But why is he not reading scripts these days? Kareena again has played a variety of characters right from Chameli (2003), Yuva, Dev (2004), to Aitraaz (2004), Omkara (2006) and the All time hit Jab We Met (2007), then why is she not looking even at the story? Kareena, Akshay, Aftab Shivdasani, Amrita Arora....all of them have worked in movies with the same story, at least twice. Then what were they thinking while signing on the dotted line?

I dont even worry about the other cast including Aftab, Amrita Arora, Vindu Dara Singh and Kirron Kher, Javed Jaffery. Since they dont 'hammmmmm' but they do their jobs very well. People are expected to see good scripts with good actors. But kya kare saala kum pad hi jaata hai. Its like this: You intend to eat a home made Paav Bhaji and you bring every fresh vegetable available in market. You put sincere efforts while cooking and you dont care if the GAS is ON.......and finally you dont worry about the salt but while cooking you dont forget to shout about your soon to be cooked food.

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