Saturday, October 4, 2008

' The Toughest Part '

"The toughest part of getting to the TOP of the ladder, is getting through the crowd at the BOTTOM"

I got ths lovly sayin thru a mail, in fact a FWD mail.....

'People were busy to scratch few letters in an in-land they invented e-mail - a short cut - to keep a faster contact. And now they are too busy these days so they just keep in touch by forwarding them......'

Nw d wrd ‘BUSY’ scares me snce I red d latest post (click here)on my frnd’s blog….He hs wrtn in a vry contained maner. The diff betwn lisnin and hearin…d diff betwn makin n doin….n mny more of d sort….
Bt d way he hs depicted it, is absolutely awesome. I mst apreciat it…snce it’s a bold thought n today we all mst hve sum time…I mean sum time to think….some time to think about ourselves….some time to step out of the rat race for a while…..some time to realize the mistakes, accept them and correct them……some time to press ‘Backspace’ and correct the spelling mistakes……some time to think what is ‘convenient’….some time to understand the ‘meanings’……some time to…..
Now I remembered an old stupid joke. “A man comes from a village to a city and to a Hotel. The hotel menu reads

‘Breakfast 6 a.m. to 11 a. m.
Lunch 11 30 a.m. to 4 30 p. m.
Dinner 6 p. m. to 1 a.m.’

And the villager innocently thinks, ‘Hell…when am I supposed to see the city?’
I was searching the villager’s stupidity in sane peoples’ behavior. The gist of the story is, do not deviate from what you are here for. Surely for that you need to understand why you are here for….
I don’t find any difference between the villager and all the rats in the race. Both are finding it difficult to take some time out for them. They have forgotten their goal and they are behaving so stupid that they don’t understand, in fact they are not even trying to understand…..
Before I preach heavy dosage any further, I should mention of a fantastic chat conversation I had with my brother the other day. It made me rethink of what I am thinking……of what I am doing ……of what I am being…..he assumed himself to be one of the RATs in the race and me the spectator. It was very easy from my side to critique the race and stay away from it; but it was not a piece of cake to be in it and of course not feasible to think to come out of it; rather to leave it half way. But I guess I came up with a ‘can be’, ‘might be’, ‘should be’ and/or ‘must be’ solution which my brother addressed to be not impossible but improbable.
Let me explain and if you are frustrated/tired till now reading my post, then leave it here – says a good show stopper at that point when he is actually going to present something interesting– so …..
Let us consider a person who has started earning after his graduation – currently I am keeping aside the fact of choosing a right track of career, making good decisions, etc. So this person has a wish to be a stock broker. He has liking toward it and is more interested to excel in share market (say) than to work for somebody. Now the most practical thing he would think of is making a lot of money to be a broker. So he starts saving some out of his salary. He keeps his wants of buying a bike, watching movies, having a blast on weekends with friends, etc. aside. But after a while he gets married. So he thinks of saving some, out of the savings for his wife’s desire/s or may be wants or may be needs. Then children, there future, then securing his own later stage of life and what not….
Main point is, here he has left his aim behind and given importance to other things which were not in his wish list. What if he would have managed his savings for his primary goal, to be a broker? What if he should have thought of only his ultimate desire? What if he might have thought of saving some lesser amount but not get deviated from his path?
That’s why he was another rat. He started with everybody else thinking something different. But he forgot in the middle and became one of the ordinary.
I strongly believe that if you are obsessed with something then you know how to get it. Then get it. Don’t accept your defeat. In a throw of an unbiased die, the probability of getting 6 is 1/6. So keep throwing till u get 6. But do not get disappointed by getting 1 or 2 or anything below 6. In fact I recommend saving it and utilizing it later when you get a 6. So it is always better to get at least 5 when you never get a 6. I also agree with my brother’s philosophy about how you can have a lot of money:
1. if you are born rich
2. if you have a well paid job
3. if you take a gamble in your life
4. pure luck

I am not born rich,
I don’t have a well paid job,
I cannot think of relying purely on my luck since it has dashed me many a times and
I am not even ready to gamble in my life.

but I am ready to get out of the flow for a while thereby will keep going toward my ultimate objective. I am absolutely ready to fulfill all my and my partner’s needs, desires, wants, wishes………..managing my ultimate goal. So why not do the same to prove to thyself not to the world that you are one of the ‘more than ordinary’ people.
Yes, I am engaged and not busy….yes I take some time out of my engaged schedule……yes I have a lot of things to think about and work on…..SO I can think faster, the ways to achieve the achievement.
End of the day my dear readers keep this in mind that some one has said, “Either you can be a good philosopher or a very good husband……” And me...........
I not only want to be a good husband but I want to be an exception…..!!!!


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